The PR-520 / PR-524 LiteMate® Photometer

The PR-520 (PR-524 and PR-522) system combines illuminance (with the PR-524 - utilizing true cosine correction) and luminance (with the PR-522) measurement capabilities - unique for handheld photometers and colorimeters. 

To make Continuous Measurements, simply press and hold the measurement button. Results are displayed instantaneously - no detector integration or dark measurements to wait for.

A special Peak/Valley data locking feature lets you display the largest (Peak) or smallest (Valley) value during a continuous measurement sequence.

Use the Delta capability to automatically calculate the photometric differences between two samples.

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Back Lit Touch Screen Display

All instrument set-up, measurement setup and file operations are performed via menus on the touch screen display. The built-in back light makes it convenient for working in dark ambient environments.

Multiple Measuring Heads

If your application requires a multi-spot measurement such as projector uniformity, the PR-524 can be fitted with up to 9 remote measuring heads - all under the control of a PC communicating with the base unit over the USB interface. Each remote detector is individually addressed.

AutoSync® Source Rate Synchronization

Accurate measurements of pulsing or repetitive sources is assured with the SYNC feature of the PR-520. The instruments can be instructed to automatically detect the rate (20 to 400 Hz) of the sample and adjust the measurement acquisition accordingly. You can also enter the frequency value manually.

Remote Trigger

When it is necessary to either perform a hands off measurement or to measure a flashing source such as a camera flash, the PR-524 can be triggered remotely, and once triggered, will send a pulse to the remote source. Or, it can be used simply as a remote trigger.

Remote Control
  • Instruments can be controlled from a PC using the Remote Mode command language by sending and receiving ASCII text instructions over a virtual COM port - standard equipment with the PR-520.
  • A rechargeable Li-ion battery means portability - up to 12 hours on a single charge.
  • A built-in USB Interface lets you connect to the outside world.
  • Save thousands of measurements on the Secure Digital (SD) card.

PhotoWin 2 Windows software can be used to control the PR-520 systems to provide a powerful and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) for:

  • Instrument set-up
  • Standard (luminance / illuminance / color), Reflectance, Transmittance and Contrast Measurements
  • Save measurements
  • Print Results
  • Export to Excel
  • Chart Intensity vs Time
Typical Applications
  • Area Illumination
  • Projector Output
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Projector Uniformity
  • Screen Brightness