Photo Research® is pleased to announce its latest Light Measurement Solutions!

July 10,2015

Measures several locations of a display, avionic panel or keypad simultaneously.  User defined areas makes it easy to adapt to you needs.  Speed up tedious measurements by automatically finding characters within defined fields or the entire image and then calculating the average luminance of only the illuminated characters of interest.   No need to make an individual measurement of each character.

Our newest imaging solution offers high resolution (8 megapixels), high speed (color measurements as fast as 3.5 seconds & luminance... More

Tru-Image™ 2D Imager
July 10,2015

We now offer a fiber based product.  Our new PRISMS solutions are designed to address those applications that require a fiber optics / SMA link to a research grade spectroradiometer.  Three models are available to meet your needs. The fiber / SMA link means an easy interface to SMA capable devices such as integrating spheres.  Optical accessories include a luminance probe, illuminance probe and 2" integrating sphere.

Product info

July 10,2015

Photo Research ENGINEERS COMBINE 70 YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC GRADE ACCURACY WITH SPEED. It is well known that spectrally based measurements offer the highest degree of accuracy available for determining intensity (luminance) and color (chromaticity) of FPD's regardless of the technology - CCFL, LED Backlit LCD or OLED etc. One major drawback to existing spectral solutions is unacceptably long measurement times. The Photo Research series of

ATAKT™ spectroradiometers has eliminated this by making it possible to perform in-line production... More

ATAKT™ spectroradiometers
July 10,2015

Tru-Image 2D imager and the PRISMS Fiber Based Spectroradiometer Series. Product Details: Tru-Image 2D imager and PRISMS Fiber Based Spectroradiometer Series

Tru-Image 2D imager
July 10,2015

Photo Research will be exhibiting at SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition on October 26-29 at the Loew’s Hollywood Hotel in booth #205 click here

Trade Show
May 13,2016

PRI Announces End of Service of PR-1980A, PR-705, PR-1500, & PR-650

This notice serves as notification of Photo Research Inc.'s intent to discontinue service of the following products: PR-1980A, PR-705, PR-1500, PR-650. PRI is committed to providing you with a superior level of customer service. Please contact our sales department for additional information pertaining to this announcement.

Jadu Thamotharan
Director of Global Sales
+1 818-725-9763
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