PRISMS™ Fiber Spectroradiometers

The Photo  Research  Inc. Spectra®  Modular Systems (PRISMS) line of versatile  spectral measurement solutions combines the research  grade accuracy, repeatability and  reliability  that Photo Research has been providing for over 70 years into solutions that  can  readily  adapt to any application via an industry standard SMA terminated fiber cable. 

Now, VIS / NIR spectral, photometric and colorimetric testing can easily be performed on LED’s, luminaires, displays, projected images – virtually any configuration. The fiber optics link makes the PRISMS series ideal for interfacing to integrating spheres (luminous flux / radiant flux), luminance / radiance probes, illuminance / irradiance probes, and luminous intensity / radiant intensity probes – all at an extremely compelling value for reference grade instruments.

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This versatility means that whether you have an R&D, QC or production application there is a configuration that will provide a solution. If one of our “standard” solutions doesn’t quite fit, PRISMS is designed to easily interface to a solution that does. The PRISMS series consists of 5 products – the Spectra® MS6, MS7WD, MS7WDX, MS7HS, MS7HSX. All are based on our field proven Pritchard Optics based spectroradiometers insuring world class performance. Importantly, if none of the following products meet your needs, just contact us and we will work with you on a custom solution!