The PR-1980B Pritchard Spectroradiometer is no longer available. Check out the new PR-680 SpectraDuo Spectroradiometer/Photometer.
The Patented Pritchard Optical System

The Pritchard Optical System, after more than three decades. is still widely accepted as the most accurate and versatile in use today. As shown in the diagram, the objective lens forms an image at the Pritchard mirror. The light being measured passes through the selected aperture and the filter turrets to the photomultiplier tube. The balance of light at the Pritchard mirror surface is reflected into the patented, variable magnification viewing system. The operator sees a bright, erect magnified image in the center of which is a black dot. The dot is created by the hole in the mirror. and since only light passing through the hole is being measured, the dot accurately and unambiguously defines the measuring field within the viewing field. The measuring and viewing system is self-aligning. There are no mirrors, fiber optics or other optical impediments in the measuring path, so no polarization error is introduced. A metallic mirror fabricated with as many as 6 apertures is the heart of this unique system' Rotating the mirror places a different size aperture on the boreal axis, which changes the angular coverage of the measuring field. Five different angular measuring fields from 2 minutes (2') to 3 degrees (3) are standard, and are available merely by turning a knob. An optional sixth aperture such as a slit aperture is available as well as numerous optical accessories covering a wide range of light measurement applications. For example. see the patented MicroScanner Spatial Scanning Attachment.

The PR-1980B family of Pritchard Tele/Micro SpectraRadiometers is available in a wide variety of configurations to meet your specific spectral, spatial or spectral/spatial requirements. The standard spectral range of the PR-1980B Extended Spectral Range Options are 360-830nm, 290-830nm or with special selection, 360-860nm or 290-860nm.

Spectral Scanning System Control Console/Computer Options include the /SC, /USC-1 and /USC-2. The same Console/Computer Options are available for the Spectral/Spatial Scanning System with the SC-80A MicroScanner Linear Spatial Scanner.

For added versatility, all PR-1980B Pritchard SpectraRadiometers retain all the basic capabilities of the PR-1980A Prichard Photometer when operated in "A" (Photometer) mode.

Systems Description

PR-1980B/SC, /USC-1 & /USC-2 Spectral Scanning Systems

The PR-1980B/SC, /USC-1 & /USC-2 Pritchard SpectraRadiometers are the definitive color measurement systems in the industry today. They significantly reduce the complexity of computer assisted spectroradiometric/spectrocolorimetric scanning, and have been instrumental in taking this technique out of the laboratory environment and making it available as a general quality control or production test procedure.

The systems stress simple, error free operation, much the same way as the patented** AutoComp, AutoRange and AutoZero automatic features of the PR-1980A Photometer simplify measurements and reduce human errors. Indeed, all the capabilities and features of that industry-standard instrument are included in the PR-1980B/SC, /USC-1 & /USC-2.

Powerful user friendly software programs have specifically been written to minimize the program initiation procedures, often reducing them to a single keystroke command.***

**U.S. Patent, 3,818,198
***Note: Computers, software and interfaces are not included. See Sections 6 and 7 for software and interface options.

System Components

The PR-1980B/SC Pritchard SpectraRadiometer Spectral Scanning system consists of the PR-1980B-OR Optical Head containing the optical system, the PR-1980B-SC Control Console containing the system electronics, and the required inter-connecting cables. The /USC-1 and USC-2 also include the UCI-80 Universal Computer Interface Levels 1 or 2 and specified software. The PR-1980BX/SC substitutes the PR1980B-X Extended Spectral Range Optical Head.

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