The PR-650 SpectraScan Colorimeter is no longer available. Check out the new PR-655 SpectraScan Spectroradiometer.
The PR-650 SpectraColorimeter is the latest in the Photo Research family of SpectraScan fast scanning instruments. It's the only truly portable, spectrally-based luminance telephotometer/colorimeter. Complete, NIST-traceable photometric and colorimetric measurements are performed spectroradiometrically. And, this hand-held portable overcomes the spectral errors inherent in filter instruments.
The right instrument
When battery-powered portability, ease-of-use, connectability and spectrally accurate measurement results are important criteria when selecting a photometer or colorimeter, the PR-650 SpectraScan is the instrument of choice.

Battery powered portability
The PR-650 is the only truly portable spot spectroradiometer available. The standard NiCad battery makes the PR-650 ideal for making measurements in remote areas where an AC power source is unavailable. Combine this portability with a laptop running the optional SpectraWin™ Windows based software, and you have a full-featured measurement system that can be transported in your briefcase.

Ease of use
The PR-650 is as easy to use as point-and-shoot. The world famous Pritchard optics make target alignment as easy as aim/focus/shoot. When you are ready to make a measurement, simply press the measure button. The results are displayed on the backlit 4 x 20 character LCD display.

Each PR-650 is equipped with an RS-232 cable that lets you link to the outside world from just about any platform (PC, Mac, Sun Workstation etc.). We've also included, as standard equipment, Remote Mode control language. This simple to use text based language lets you make measurements with the PR-650 and retrieve calculated measurement results - all from your custom software application (e.g. Visual C++, Visual Basic etc).

SpectraWin™ software
For an easy-to-use, graphics based link to the PR-650, the optional Windows ('98, 2000 or XP) SpectraWin™ software package provides a fully functional control, display and calculation platform. Features such as automated measurement sequences (reflectance, transmittance etc.), go/no go color measurements and a built in macro recorder make your measurement task as easy as click and go. After the measurement, cut-and-paste data tables or graphics displays (e.g. spectral or CIE charts) to other Windows applications.

Spectral Accuracy
Unlike other instruments in its price range, the PR-650 measures optical radiation spectrally instead of relying on filter technology. To accurately deliver important measurement results such as luminance and chromaticity - the PR-650 determines these parameters by measuring the absolute intensity at each wavelength, then calculating the appropriate CIE value. So, regardless of the source, the result is accuracy time after time after time.

The built-in AutoSync feature takes the worry out of accurately measuring high intensity refreshing sources such as CRT's by adjusting the exposure time to the source refresh rate - and simultaneously reports the refresh rate of the source.
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* NEW * The patented LR-127 LED Analyzer is an optical accessory designed to test discrete LEDs to CIE 127 Technical Report - Measurement of LEDs.
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