The PR-670 SpectraScan is the newest addition to the world renowned SpectraScan spectroradiometer series of instruments. This unique, portable battery powered instrument utilizes a fast-scanning 256 detector element spectometer and is supplied with automated measuring apertures and automated measure shutter.

The PR-680/PR-680L SpectraDuo marks the beginning of a new era in light measurement. This unique patent pending, battery powered portable instrument is the first and only combined fast-scanning 256 detector element spectroradiometer and PMT based photometer on the market.
PR-655 SpectraScan®. For nearly 15 years, the PR-650 SpectraScan has been the most widely used spectroradiometer in the world - the workhorse of the industry. The new PR-655 replaces the world renowned PR-650 with a plethora of enhancements. This unique, portable battery powered instrument utilizes a fast-scanning 128 detector element spectrometer and is supplied with an automated measure shutter.
The PR-730/735. is the newest member in the SpectraScan® family of self-scanning spectroradiometers. We have taken our experience of the last 27 years and built it into the new PR-730/735. SpectraScans. We have made them more sensitive, given them more apertures, put in twice as many detectors, added a USB interface, and fullcolor touch screen display. Is portability important? The PR-730/735. can be battery-powered! Want to control it from a PC? In addition to the USB interface, Bluetooth® wireless and RS232 interfaces are available.
[Discontinued] When battery-powered portability, ease-of-use, connectability and spectrally accurate measurement results are important criteria when selecting a photometer or colorimeter, the PR-650 SpectraScan® is the instrument of choice.