V- 7HS

PRI Engineers Combine 70 Years of Scientific Grade Accuracy with Speed

It is well known that spectrally based measurements offer the highest degree of accuracy available for determining intensity (luminance) and color (chromaticity) of FPD's regardless of the technology – CCFL, LED Backlit LCD or OLED etc. One major drawback to existing spectral solutions is unacceptably long measurement times. The Photo Research A-TAKT™ spectroradiometer has eliminated this by making it possible to perform in-line production testing with spectral accuracy at or near real-time speeds.

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The V-7HS is our most sensitive and fastest spectroradiometer, measuring 0.5 cd/m² at 250 ms total measurement time (tested for LED backlit LCD's). Comparable spectroradiometers can take almost 14 seconds to perform the same task.

Target Acquisition

Featuring a built in CCD target acquisition camera removing the necessity of sighting through an eye-piece while providing an image of the measured area to your testing documentation. RS232 and USB interfaces are provided, and the enclosures are ruggedized to withstand potentially harsh environments. The instrument is easily fixtured utilizing the integral dual ¼-20 SAE threaded mounting holes.

Objective lenses range from a fixed focus 50mm to a variable focused 75mm lens. Customized lenses are available for your unique production line application. To remove unwanted light from the measurement, a special luminance accessory with ambient light shield is available.


The A-TAKT™ is controlled via SDK and is Windows Vista 32 or 64 bit (or higher) or OSX (10.7+) .

Flexible Customization

Because production test environments differ (from target distance and measurment area to system controller interface) A-TAKT™ can be configured to address individual requirements, including custom lenses (to suit any working distance/spot size requirements) and an easy to program SDK for smooth, effortless integration into your ATE. To insure that A-TAKT™ consistently returns accurate and repeatable measurement results, we've included "EasyProfile", an automated method of teaching the A-TAKT™ DUT characteristics. Profiled data is then used to deliver the fastest measurement times with scientific grade accuracy and precision.