Cinebrate™ Spectroradiometer


CINEBRATE is a spectroradiometer solution specifically designed for the calibration and verification of digital cinema projectors and post-production displays.

It features a fixed focus lens, laser alignment system and USB interface.  With CINEBRATE, all of the information required by your projector or display LUT is available on the integrated full color display at the touch of a button.

For display measurements in high ambient lighting conditions, the CINEBRATE is supplied with an ambient light shield to insure that the surrounding light does not become part of the measurement.

Brochure Download: 
Easy to Use Features
  • Spectrally based measurements
  • Battery powered
  • USB Interface
  • Laser pointer
  • Automatically synchronizes to projector frame rate
  • Utmost accuracy for all projector types
  • Complete portability
  • Control from PC / MAC
  • Instantaneous target alignment
  • Virtually no learning curve