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Photo Research Announces Service Partnership with KLight Laboratories

August 3, 2016

Dear Valued Customers,

My name is Bill Polinsky and I am the managing Director of Photo Research. It was with great enthusiasm that I previously announced the relocation of Photo Research operations from Chatsworth, California to Syracuse, New York inside of JADAK, LLC. JADAK is a sister company to Photo Research within Novanta and my team is in the process of combining operations in Syracuse, NY. JADAK and Photo Research will combine to create what we call the “Vision Technology Center of Excellence,” leveraging a large and diverse set of engineering and technology expertise across our various product lines to bring new, innovative solutions to our customers.

*Effective June 30, 2016, Photo Research relocated its production, service/calibration and customer service operations to Syracuse, New York. Photo Research’s.

How will it impact instrument service?
Prior to the move, Photo Research had sent notice that it would no longer service “legacy” instruments with repair and calibration services. Which would force the customer to seek alternate means to service the legacy customer instruments. During this time, Photo Research has researched and qualified a trusted service partner to enable legacy instruments to continue to stay in service.
Photo Research has partnered with KLight Laboratories in Irwindale, CA, for servicing repair and calibration for the following set of obsolete legacy Photo Research Instruments:
500 504 505 521 525 550 650
705 714 715 805 905 920 1500
1530 2302 2303 2304 1980A

Going forward if a RMA service request is submitted for one of the listed instruments, the system will direct the work to KLight and you will deal directly with KLight as an authorized Photo Research service provider, KLight will quote, perform the work, invoice, and warranty the work performed. For instrument numbers not listed, you will continue to work directly with the factory for service and repair.
There are a number of legacy instruments that have been submitted to KLight using the RMA system. I apologize for the length of time some of these instruments have been in our possession. At this point in time there are two paths we can follow:

1. Return the instrument at no charge to you, no work performed.
2. Authorize Photo Research to engage our qualified trusted service partner to perform the work (physical location of your instrument will change to KLight week of August 8, 2016.
a. If a PO has already been issue to Photo Research, Photo Research will remain your primary point of contact
b. If a PO has not been issued, the primary point of contact will change to KLight effect immediately

K-Light Laboratories, Inc.
15705 Arrow Highway, Suite 3
Irwindale, CA 91706

For direct inquiry on instrument service please contact customer service at or 315-218-1340
If you have any questions or concerns, kindly contact me at or call me at 315-640-0091.

Bill Polinsky
Director, Photo Research
P: +1 315.449.6203
C: +1 315.640.0091