PhotoWin™ 2

PhotoWin 2 is the latest member of the Photo Research software family, Like SpectraWin 2 it is a Windows based control program designed to provide a powerful and easy-to-use interface to central and manipulate data from your PR-SSO LiteMate Pro, PR-520/PR-524 LiteMate, PR-805 Spotmeter, PR-810 Pritchard, PR-81oL Pritchard (Ultra Sensitive) and the Pritchard PR-880 Automated Filter Photometer. In addition to the standard features of measurement and display of luminance of the source, PhotoWin 2 has additional features for viewing, analyzing and calculating measured data.

  • Print Results
  • Export to Excel
  • Chart Intensity vs Time
  • Instrument set-up
  • Standard (luminance / illuminance), Reflectance, Transmittance and Contrast Measurements
  • Save measurements
  • Import measurements from Instrument/SD Card.
Supported Instruments
  • PR-550
  • PR-520/PR-524
  • PR-521/PR-525
  • PR-805
  • PR-810
  • PR-810L
  • PR-880