The PR-810 / 810L Pritchard® Photometer

Information display performance is continuing to improve at an almost exponential rate. Of these improvements, one of the most important is luminance contrast. To achieve improved contrast ratios, display manufacturers are striving to make black blacker. In parallel with improvements in performance comes an increased level of difficulty in measuring the ever decreasing luminance levels. The PR-810 and PR-810L are designed to not only meet but exceed these demands.

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Portability/Ease of Use

The PR-810 / PR-810L are unlike any of our previous photomultiplier tube (PMT) based photometers – they’re battery powered! The Lithium-ion battery provides more than 12 hours of continuous operation providing the ultimate in portability. It also features a full color touch screen display, and 75 mm objective focusable from 14" (355 mm) to infinity. Other hardware features include AutoSync® for automatically synchronizing to the source refresh rate insuring the utmost accuracy, an External Trigger Port allowing remote measurement activation from either a push button or peripheral device, a Secure Digital (SD) port for measurement storage.


Using the largest of the 4 fully automated apertures, the PR-810 can measure 1E-4 (0.0001) footlamberts while the ultra-sensitive PR-810L can measure as low as 1E-6 (0.000001) footlamberts.

For the PR-810L a fully automated Neutral Density (ND) filter turret provides 3 decades of filtration (10X, 100X and 1000X attenuation) resulting in a 900,000,000:1 dynamic range in any aperture - wide enough for any contrast measurement task. The total PR-810L dynamic range is 518 Billion:1 


For help in communicating with the outside world, the PR-810 / PR-810L is supplied with a USB interface and driver. The driver establishes a virtual COM port making control as easy as communicating over RS232 intyerface. If a traditional RS232 interface is a must, it can be supplied to complement the USB I/F. Want to go wireless? A Class 1 Bluetooth interface can be added for control of the PR-810L up to 100 meters away.

For control of the PR-810 / PR-810L, an on-board protocol - Remote Mode Software - allows you to make measurements and get the data you need by sending and receiving simple ASCII text commands.