Pritchard® PR-880 Automated Filter Photometer

Photometer(s) end of life:

Replacement Alternatives

As you may be aware, Photo Research has developed newer enhanced performance solutions offering expanded capabilities, increased sensitivity and faster speed, which in many cases are less expensive than their predecessors. Additionally, the newer solutions’ cost of ownership is often lower, due to the need for less frequent calibrations. Please use the following table as a guide.

Possible Replacement SolutionAdvantage
Tru 8 2D Imaging PhotometerImprove Gauge R&R and total measurement times.
PR-740 or PR-745Spectral system yielding improved accuracy.
PR-670Spectral system yielding improved accuracy. Economically priced with lower total cost of ownership.
PR-680 or PR-680LDual system –Spectral/Photometer yielding improved accuracy and speeds. Capable of measuring Temporal sources.

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