Spectraduo® Spectroradiometer & PMT


The PR-680L SpectraDuo marks the beginning of a new era in light measurement. This unique patent pending, battery powered portable instrument is the first and only combined fast-scanning 256 detector element spectroradiometer and PMT based photometer on the market. The PR-680L has three available operating modes


  1. A spectroradiometer (like the PR-670)
  2. A highly sensitive photometer (like the PR-810)
  3. Auto Select mode which automatically selects between detectors based on the available signal.
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The PR-680L is supplied with 4 Automated Measuring Apertures (1°, 0.5°, 0.25° and 0.125°) and an Automated Measure Shutter. Other hardware features include AutoSync® for automatically synchronizing to the source refresh rate insuring the utmost accuracy, a Secure Digital (SD) port for measurement storage, an External Trigger Port allowing remote measurement activation from either a push button or peripheral device, and a long lasting rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery.

Easy to Use

The PR-680L is controlled via the on-board, 2.25" x 3" high resolution, full color touch screen LCD display and 5-way navigation keypad for easy navigation. Following a measurement, the PR-680L displays data and color spectral graphs on the system display. The PR-680L design provides stand alone operation - no PC required. The PR-680L can also be controlled via the world famous SpectraWin™ 2 software over the USB, RS232(optional) or Bluetooth (optional) interface.


The unique design of the PR-680L makes tasks such as spectrally based colorimetry and high speed, low level luminance - required for display metrology - possible with a single instrument by supplying a wide dynamic range - 0.00007 fL (photometer and 1° aperture) to 5,000,000 fL (spectral and 1/8° aperture) without using external neutral density filters. Since the Pritchard® viewing and measuring optics are shared by both the spectroradiometer and photometer, no realignment of the instrument to the target is required when switching between modes.

An optional analog output provides the capability of using the PMT as a high speed tool for characterizing display ON / OFF response (3 µsec response) or waveform analysis of flash sources. We've further enhanced the versatility by adding two sensitivity modes (Standard & Extended) and 4 measurement speeds : Normal, Fast, 2X Fast, 4X Fast.

For applications other than luminance, the PR-680L can be supplied with optical accessories such as a cosine receptor for illuminance, LR-127 LED Analyzer for testing LED's to CIE 127, fiber probe for remote non-line-of-sight testing, and a series of magnification lenses for small spot size analysis. The PR-680L also provides the capability for interactive display white point calibration (RGB Software).


It's easy for the PR-670 to talk to the outside world - it comes equipped with USB and Bluetooth (optional) wireless interfaces. It is supplied with remote control capability using simple text commands and a USB driver that emulates an RS-232 interface (COM: port) making it a simple task to generate custom programming to perform specific tasks or for seamless integration into an ATE environment. If required, an optional traditional RS-232 Interface can be added.