SpectraWin™ 2

SpectraWin 2 is the latest member of the SpectraWin software family. Like its predecessor, SpectraWin 2 is a Windows XP based control program designed to provide a powerful and easy-to-use interface to control and manipulate data from your PR-650, PR-655, PR-670, PR-680, PR-705 or PR-715 SpectraScan spectroradiometer. In addition to the standard features of measurement and display of spectral power distribution, luminance and colorimetry of the source, SpectraWin 2 has additional features for viewing, analyzing and calculating measured data.

Multiple Choice

SpectraWin 2 can be purchased in three versions: SpectraWin Lite. SpectraWin Pro and with the RGB DisplayCal option. SpectraWin Lite provides the basic suite of measurement capabilities. SpectraWinTM Pro includes a powerful Macro Scripting tool to help you automate your measurement tasks The RGB DisplayCal package turns your SpectraScan into a Windows based display calibration tool enabling you to interactively set the white point of the display from a "learned" stimulus (golden display) or by entering target values.

What's New
  • Completely redesigned GUI
  • Spectral and CIE "Crosshair" Digitizer - Tracks and reports wavelength and spectral (or chromaticity) values.
  • PR-650 calibration capability (optional)
  • Enhanced display graphics (zoom, refresh. scale. resize. multiple display windows for a single measurement)
  • Customizable tabular data display.
  • Enhanced math functions including interpolation, smoothing and measurement precision.
  • Multiple, user-defined GO/NO GO color regions
  • Customize graph titles, axes titles and colors.
  • Spectral Radiance/Irradiance
  • Luminance/"luminance
  • Correlated Color Temperature
  • CIE Chromaticity
  • L*a*b*/ L*u*v*
  • E*ab, E*uv
  • Transmittance
  • Optical Density
  • Reflectance
Supported Instruments
  • PR-680L
  • PR-680
  • PR-670
  • PR-655
  • PR-650
  • PR-730/PR-735
  • PR-705/PR-715
  • PR-740/PR-745