VideoWin™ 3

VideoWin3 software is the latest in the family of Windows based Digital Video Photometer control software. VideoWin has been specifically designed measure and analyze panels in systems such as military and commercial ground vehicles (cars, trucks et al) and military, commercial and private aircraft. Speed up measurements by using the advantages of a two dimensional detector system like the new Tru-Image 2D Imager, then using VideoWin 3 software to analyze the result. With this powerful combination, what might have taken hours using traditional single measurement techniques, can now be done in minutes.

Automate using VideoWin 3 Pro

Automate your measurement sequences by using the built in Macro functions. It's as easy as enabling the Macro record feature, performing the desired measurements and calculations, then stopping the Macro recorder Your steps are automatically converted into VideoWin 3 macro code. This feature is available in the VideoWin 3 Pro.

Supported Instruments
  • new Tru-Image 2D Imager